Greysia Polii

“Our win at the 2014 Asian Games was a breakthrough in our careers. It also marked the first time for the women’s doubles team to win an international badminton competition. ”

National Athlete, Greysia Polii, looks back on the 2014 Asian Games as her finest hour. It was a vivid moment for her when she and her partner were about to lose round 16 against Chinese Taipei. “We were down to two points from the Chinese Taipei pair who just needed another point to win the set,” she said. “But in 10 minutes of the one-hour game, we had a life-changing experience that shifted the way we think and allowed us to win the game.” Greysia and her partner at the time, Nitya Krishinda Maheswari, made it to the finals and brought home the gold medal for the Women’s Doubles, a first for Indonesia.


Training for the national team has always been part of her routine ever since she was a young teen, but most people don’t know that Greysia is also interested in capturing candid moments. “I travel a lot as an athlete, and whenever I have the time in between training, for about 30 minutes to an hour, I love to stroll around the city to capture what’s going on in real time. It’s all natural, I never plan a trip or try to direct my objects in advance.” She also revealed that this hobby was influenced by her brother who also loves to take photographs. Greysia Polii wears the TUDOR Heritage Black Bay Bronze and outfit by Valentino.