Hian Tjen

“My finest hour was when I had my solo fashion show it gave me a great feeling when I was recognised internationally and I saw people appreciate my work”

Our interview was held one day after one of Hian Tjen’s big fashion shows, where he showcased his Couture 19/20 collection, Perfect10n. In our conversation, he shared a lot of insights about his journey as a fashion designer. Discussing about time with Hian Tjen will make you see just how much of a hard worker the designer is. “For me, time is a really precious thing. I feel that building my career for the last 10 years was all about timing. I am not the kind of person who loves to fool around and waste time. I have always had targets in life, and honestly, everything I have achieved is because I use my time wisely.” Hian Tjen used to sew tiny dresses for his big sister’s dolls.


He went to ESMOD Jakarta with full support from his family and started developing his designing skills there. Having always been interested in the fashion industry, Hian Tjen never dreamed of establishing his own brand. “I am aware of my strengths and to be honest, I didn’t feel that I had the talent to lead a company. I am more of a production person, I enjoy coming up with ideas and producing creative pieces,” he says, adding that his biggest dream would be working for a Parisian brand the way Marc Jacobs worked for Louis Vuitton and Dior. Hian Tjen wears the Breguet Marine Chronograph.

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