Ira Koesno

“Spending quality time with family is a must. My niece is the apple of my eye.”

A perfectionist, persistent, and goal-oriented are adjectives that describe Ira Koesno. From the way she talks and presents herself, it’s clear that she is the kind of woman who knows exactly where she wants to go and what she wants to say. She has a specific way of regarding time – carpe diem. The presenter always has a to do list with her so that she can plan her day in advance and make sure that everything is done accordingly.


She started her professional career in 1996 and now leads two companies in the fields of PR & Media and Information Technology: Ira Koesno Communications and Neodata Sinergi Visi. Putting up her own business was not easy for Ira, she ultimately considers the process behind it as her finest hour because she grew up and learned a lot. “My finest hour is when I am able to achieve something great despite challenges. There was a moment when I almost gave up on my company, but after doing an evaluation and some revisions, I managed to keep going. From that moment on, I promised myself that I will always move forward no matter what.”


Ira told us about three important people in her life: her niece Kenisha, as well as her business partner’s kids, Dafi and Finda. “Kenisha was born just three days before my birthday, so it felt like she was God’s gift to me,” she shares. Now, all three kids are in university, majoring in different fields. Ira hopes that someday they could run her businesses. Ira Koesno wears the Cartier Baignoire Allongée and outfit by FENDI.