Irna Mareta G

Living a blissful life, socialite Irna Mareta always tries to find ways to give back to society.

Yayang –as many refer to her– believes that everyone is born with a purpose. And apart from being a good mother to her two lovely children, Taj Belleza (16) and Anthony Salvar (13), she feels obliged to make herself useful. “Whatever we have is not ours but a gift from God and we must share it with people without expecting something in return,” she said.

Currently, Yayang supports Pink a Wear, a campaign of the AVA Prologue fashion brand which promotes the early detection of breast cancer. Keeping her noble spirit, she also gives a hand to Saab Shares, an organisation founded by Sabrina Bensawan.

“I admire her because she put thought into action by offering children who come from low-income families to take advantage of educational opportunities.”

On a more personal note, Yayang is a very grateful person. “I realise that time goes by so fast and I must make the best use of it. Doing charity work makes me feel happy and content. Hopefully, I can do something bigger in the future, like having my own foundation. But one thing is for sure, I will never stop.”