Irvan Kolonas

No one in this world can succeed on their own

Businessman Irvan Kolonas sees his work as the most important part of his life. He believes that it is the purpose for his existence. Through his company, Vasham, which he founded 3.5 years ago, Irvan helps small farmers in raising their standards of living by providing them with services, such as cheaper access to credit, access to good quality farm inputs, agriculture training and advisory services, as well as selling their end product at higher market prices. All of these bring him real happiness. “I would say that my finest moment is when I realise that I have done something meaningful or have achieved a certain milestone to achieving my goal,” he said.

Irvan knows that success doesn’t come overnight. It takes time, effort and everyone needs support. His family and friends are his driving forces. “No one in this world can succeed on their own. That’s why we need amazing people around us to be able to support us and make us better.”

In his private life, Irvan believes that sharing time with loved ones is another pillar that supports him through the good and bad times. He stressed the importance of spending time with family, friends and his fiancée.To balance his life, Irvan spends time watching his favourite movies or TV shows before he goes to bed, “I immerse myself into a whole different world. This is the time when I am able to just step back and not think.”