Jacky Suharto

“Doing my job is my finest hour.”

A photographer in high demand, Jacky Suharto is a person with an appealing personality. He is someone you can have an interesting conversation with. His love for photography began when he was still in university. “Photography for me is a powerful tool to communicate without saying a single word. It was a hobby which led me to who I am today,” he said.


Jacky’s world is so dynamic and colourful. He meets plenty of people and also travels to beautiful places in Indonesia and overseas. “I flew to Iran to do a pre-wedding photo shoot this year and it was an amazing experience. So, what can I say? Doing my job is my finest hour. I embrace it wholeheartedly.”


Like everyone else, Jacky has a certain way to keep his life in balance. He said, “Nothing compares to the pleasure of riding on a two-wheel, be it motorcycle or scooter. Exploring the city by motorcycle after a full day of work somehow makes me feel so good.” In his free time, he sometimes joins fellow bikers for getaways from Jakarta.


Besides riding motorcycles, skateboarding is another option to clear his mind. Two times a week, Jacky heads to any skate park in Jakarta to hone his skills. “A bit different from riding a motorcycle, I find skateboarding a pretty challenging extreme sport. I’m telling you, to take absolute control of my own skateboard gives me a nice feeling. It boosts my mood,” he said. Jacky Suharto wears Breitling Navitimer 8 B01 Chronograph 43.