Karen Carlotta

“I am in my finest moment right now as a mother to three boys”

Cooking and baking are two of Karen Carlotta’s passions and she considered them her first loves, until she gave birth to her first son, “I am in my finest moment right now as a mother to three boys. I wish time could slow down because it’s beautiful to see them grow up,” she said.

As a mother, Karen doesn’t want to lose any of her kids’ defining moments, “I am giving my full attention to my kids as they are all in their golden ages right now. There is nothing more important than raising them well,’’ she added. Even so, work is also important to her. If she needs to create new cakes, she will just go to her lab at her house while watching her kids. Currently, Karen is busy as the pastry chef and owner of Union Brasserie, Union Deli, AMKC Atelier and Izakaya Kai. “I have my wonderful chefs to run the day to day activities in my restaurants. I have nothing much to worry about.”

When asked about how she spends her alone time, she refers back to her quality time with the kids, “I love spending my free time cooking for them and napping with them. They always give their true opinions about my cooking.”