Kenny Santana

“When travelling, I often find unexpected little things and experience moments that turn out to be the most memorable.”

He is best known by his Instagram name, @kartuposinsta. If you come across his Instagram profile, you’ll see just how much he interacts with his followers, making them all feel like a friend. Kenny is no different in real life; it’s clear that being lively and easygoing is in his nature. Although he seems like such an extrovert, for Kenny, spending time by himself is a daily must. He enjoys sipping coffee before going about his daily activities, “I like to start my day with a flat white, a good pastry and a good book.”

When the conversation turned to time, Kenny, who decided to leave his full time job years ago, confessed how much he values it. “Since I decided to go full time with this profession as a travel blogger, time has become the best thing that I have in my life. Having this job is not about the money and travelling around, I feel privileged that I get to spend more time with myself and the people I care about,” Kenny explains.

From his posts on his social media, Kenny gets plenty of responses from his followers who share how much he has changed their points of view. “My finest hour is when someone tells me that they have done something brave because of something simple that I do in real life or share on my Instastory,” he says, “When you unintentionally touch other people’s lives with a small thing that you do or say, that’s one of the best feelings, especially for me.” Kenny Santana wears the Zenith Pilot Type 20 Chronograph Extra Special.