Kusumo Martanto

“My finest hour is when I know every second spent has had a positive impact on my team so they can grow personally and professionally. This is important as it reflects back on our customers’ satisfaction and the growth of our merchant partners’ business.”

Who does not know Blibli.com? Living in America for almost 20 years, Kusumo Martanto saw a significant problem when he went back to Indonesia. He co-founded Blibli.com in 2011 to address the generalisation of pricing in Indonesia. “It was the first problem that I saw when I returned to this country. People in small cities outside of Java struggled to buy their basic needs because the prices were very different from those offered in the big cities,” he explained. Kusumo also saw the potential of creating an e-commerce business based on the knowledge that the country has been historically known for its trading ability since the 17th century. He saw this as a business potential that he should not miss.


Building a technology business is not easy and takes a lot of time. His daily activities include attending talk shows to share insights about how to build a tech start-up company and keep it running. “When I have some time alone, I use it to read. There is too much knowledge in the world and I don’t want to miss out. I work in a business where everything changes quickly and dynamically; I cannot afford to miss out on anything,” he stated. For Kusumo, anything related to technology, education, and health is always interesting. That is also the reason why Blibli.com supports local businesses that focus on these fields. Kusumo Martanto wears the Panerai Luminor Due.