Lidia Siregar

“Time is precious and once it has passed, you can never get it back.”

Lidia Siregar reveals her secret on how to feel energised in the morning, “Once I have a cup of coffee, my brain will start churning out all new concepts and ideas. Time is precious and once it has passed, you can never get it back. So I cherish every moment, including my morning coffee time,” she said. This morning routine brings out her positive energy, improves her mood and makes her feel happier. After a cup of coffee, she is ready to conquer the world.

As the Creative Director of Goodrich Global Indonesia, Lidia encourages herself to always be creative and ahead of others. She appreciates every single minute she has and gives her best to the company. “I am proud to say that we just launched our new Goodrich hotel named the Goodrich Suites, which is also integrated with our Goodrich Showroom. It’s a new concept that combines the best design with an unforgettable experience,” she asserted.

Lidia is a passionate business leader who works from the heart. She understands that she must be open to new things in order to be creative. Hence, she sometimes takes time off to travel to clear her mind and be recharged. “I simply just go to my favourite places or somewhere I’ve never been to before. The purpose is absolutely making time for myself. I also make new friends during these trips and explore things that keep me open to new ideas.” Lidia Siregar wears Breguet Reine de Naples.