Lizzie Para

“My Pug and Frenchie are my stress relievers.”

As one of the leading beauty entrepreneurs in Indonesia, Elizabeth Christina Parameswari developed her interest in makeup and the beauty industry by drawing images. Now famously recognised by the name Lizzie Parra, she started her career as a Product Executive at one of the biggest global brands in Indonesia before deciding to be a makeup artist and slowly building her own brand. “Putting makeup on your face is basically almost the same as drawing or painting, the difference lies in the tools you use; you paint on a canvas, while with makeup, you work on people’s faces as your canvas,” she expressed.


Lizzie’s family includes her husband, Efrat Agung, and their two dogs, Kibby the Pug and Gully the Frenchie. She admits that when she faces challenges or feels pressure, playing with Gully and Kibby relieves her stress and makes her forget her problems for a while. Lizzie’s finest hour is being impactful through her work, “I love when I know that what I’m doing has a positive impact on other people. One thing that I need to point out though is that doing what you love is not always easy. Everything has ups and downs, but if you work for a bigger cause, which is to inspire people, it will feel easier.” Lizzie Parra wears the Breguet Tradition Automatic Diamond watch and a hat by LUMINE Jakarta.