Maruli Tampubolon

In every step he takes, Maruli Tampubolon always puts God first. Every day, Maruli contemplates on the word of God and he writes them down in his own sentences and phrasing, ways that reflect his own understanding. “It boosts my self-confidence to be able to perform whatever tasks in life that God has for me,” said the father of Jemima Nava Baijens Tampubolon.

It is true that good things lead to happiness. And as for Maruli, happiness is the ability to paint smiles into the hearts of others through singing, acting and being a lawyer. “I try my very best to be as active and productive as I can be. Both my professional and private lives are fully embraced with love and passion.”

Maruli is currently making a music album which he hopes will be released by the end of this year. “What can I say? Music has been a part of me since I was a little boy. I don’t limit myself to any particular stream of music. And speaking of my musical baby project, my first album will be dynamic and vibrant.”

While in the field of acting, he is currently involved in the production of the movie “Bukaan8”, “I took the role as a doctor in this movie.”

Maruli has plenty on his plate, but he never complains. “Life is a never ending process of learning. One thing is for sure, always pursue your dreams unless you want to live with regrets.”