“Practicing in Solitude makes me strong”

Maylaffayza has become the go-to classical musician for mainstream events and galas.

These are the glamourous public interludes in her life. Most of the time, the violinist is alone with her instrument and the four walls of a practice room.

“When I practice by myself, I am vulnerable but that is what makes me strong. They are when I manifest my dreams,” she says.

“Every practice is challenging and different, and the amazing thing is you gain awareness every day. Sometimes, we cannot work something out even after many hours of practice. But the funny thing is the answer shows up later.”

Practice makes perfect – she abhors today’s preference for “instant” results – but she knows that life is about balance. She takes timeouts to run or catch a movie.

“It’s a struggle to find the time, but I want to show people that I enjoy this life. I don’t want to be the stereotypical unhappy and unhealthy musician – that’s so yesterday.”