Mia Egron

Every minute that Mia Egron spends with her beloved family counts, as the three of them are spread out in three different countries. Mia is based in Jakarta, her husband is in Singapore while their daughter lives in Paris. “I spend my weekends with my husband, and I visit our daughter every two months for three to four days each time. We have a family reunion twice a year during the summer and Christmas holidays,” said Mia who currently serves as Director & COO of PT Plaza Indonesia Realty Tbk.

As a busy person, Mia cannot take long holidays due to work constraints. “I divide my vacation time into several short leaves. These short leaves enable me to regularly refresh my mind and spirit, reflect and think deeply about many things.” This is when she indulges in time with herself, as being on long-haul flights count as her perfect me-time. “I don’t feel guilty for not checking my phone because I am up in the air. It’s a real treat.”

Mia’s family situation is proof that distance does not matter. However, she makes sure that she gives her daughter a portion of her time. “When I visit her, we simply enjoy ‘mother and daughter quality time’ and each minute is precious.”

Being a mother is Mia’s finest hour. Motherhood allowed Mia to experience the joy of putting someone else’s happiness and well-being above her own. “Most of all, the time I spend with my daughter is when I am most happy.”