Peter & Samuel Wongso

Father and son, Peter and Samuel Wongso, believe that Wong Hang will be bigger in the future. Wong Hang has been known for generations as a legend in the art of craftsmanship tailoring. Peter is part of the third generation, while Samuel is from the fourth. “We’re currently working on some uniform designs for an automotive brand and other commercial companies,” Samuel mentioned.


Keeping on top of everything to always be the best, Peter is seriously preparing the next generations to be experts in running the business in the future. “Success, in my opinion, is when I can transfer my knowledge about the design and business to my children and grandchildren. I wish Wong Hang will be bigger and reap more success in the hands of the next three generations and more,” said Peter.


As for his son, Samuel has the dream of making Wong Hang go more international. “Apart from Singapore, we’re planning to open our next galleries in other countries.”


Work hard, play hard is the motto of Peter and Samuel. Above everything, they believe that family always comes first. “My most beautiful moment is when I am surrounded by family. We can talk about everything. We can also do brainstorming sessions and discuss ways on how to develop the business further,” said Peter, while Samuel concludes the interview with, “Time flies, it never comes back. Like what my father said, family time is precious.”