Rifat Sungkar

“Doing Lego is a break from my stressful work”

Although Rifat Sungkar lives life in the fast lane in his sport, he likes to take things at a slower pace off the track.

Outgoing and warm, his interests include running safe driving courses and a roast chicken eatery that is a reminder of his postgraduate study days in Melbourne.

His other passion is Lego, a recently rekindled childhood hobby.

“As I got to know the Lego community again, it turns out we all share the same story: we played Lego as kids, stopped for a while, and came back when we had kids. But the kids play Lego, and the parents do Lego Expert,” he says of the advanced version of the building blocks.

His home has a room devoted to his Lego projects.

“It gives me pleasure because it’s outside of my stressful work. People ask if I make fast cars, but don’t: I build a city, because my vision is to make a peaceful city,” he says.