Riki Kono Basmeleh

“It’s one of my precious moments when I can forget about stuff and be in the present.”

Take Riki Kono Basmeleh to a round of golf or to any music festival and he will feel nothing but happiness. These activities serve as an escape from his busy daily life as the Director of Omiyage Inc. Indonesia, a company that specialises in confectionery souvenirs. “It’s one of my precious moments when I can forget about stuff and be in the present. And when there are no music festivals, I spend my free time hanging out with people so I get (positive) energy from them,” he said. His extroverted personality makes it easy for Riki to mingle with highly driven people.

A successful entrepreneur under the age of 30, Riki has turned his passion into a promising career. The half-Indonesian and half Japanese businessman has always wanted to blend the two cultures together. He saw potential in the souvenir industry in Indonesia. Hence, he and his two friends established the company. Without a doubt, he turned his childhood dream into reality. “I currently focus on running a brand called DORÉ by LeTAO. Proudly, we are now expanding to café and eatery concepts to serve our customers better.”

Riki sees time as the most precious thing yet it is hard to cherish. He understands that running a business is a lifetime learning process. Influenced by his father, he is setting the bar higher to gain even more success. ‘Surprise yourself’ is his mantra to keep moving forward and continue growing. “That’s something that I tell myself every day. And above all, I enjoy every moment when I can focus on my work and generate many ideas for my company,” he said with a smile. Riki Kono Basmeleh wears IWC Portugieser Perpetual Calendar.