Shinta Dhanuwardoyo

A technology lady entrepreneur who also considers herself a fashion and batik lover, Shinta Dhanuwardoyo usually spends a little of her personal time browsing through the latest collections of talented Indonesian designers. And her eyes sparkle more when she talks about batik, as if it was a magical thing.

“I collect batik, be it antique, vintage or new ones. Above everything, I am so in love with batik tulis (handwritten batik) for its delicate details. It’s truly a piece of art,” she said. Her priceless collection includes pieces from Bin House, Limaran Batik and Lenan.

“Looking at my batik collection can relieve my stress and also awaken my sense of creativity.”

Shinta still manages the daily operations of her 20-year-old company, In addition, she also focuses on Angel-eQ and Silicon Valley Asia Technology Alliance (SVATA). SVATA is a Silicon Valley-based non-profit organisation that she co-founded with three friends which has the mission of bridging Silicon Valley and South East Asia, especially Indonesia. But other than that, she still has time to attend technology events and share her insights on Indonesia’s fast-growing technology industry.

“When I share my experiences with start-up founders, I keep telling them my mantra. Ideas without execution are just like the hobby of daydreaming. Remember one thing, an idea is cheap, execution is king.”