Teges Prita Soraya

“Just let me be underwater with my girls”

“She boomtown of Balikpapan is the next destination for Teges Prita Soraya, all in a busy day’s work for the director of Angkasa Pura Retail, which is sprucing up retail spaces of airports in eastern Indonesia.

The communications and PR expert has her diving equipment in tow, attesting to her fascination with the underwater world.

Her late mother introduced her to the activity in her early 20s.

“My diving holidays with my mother were always memorable. I still have the fins and mask that she gave me,” she says.

The activity remains a family one: she explores the deep with her two daughters, father and her two siblings.

“It’s my hobby where I can spend time with my kids. You have a totally different view. You can just sit there and it’s like you are in an aquarium – you have found Nemo. And you also have to learn to control and monitor your surroundings.”