Tigor Siahaan

“My pleasure comes from sharing moments with other”

Although banking is serious business, Tigor Siahaan is no humourless dark suit. “I’m getting pranked here,” quips the President Director of CIMB Niaga, called upon to pose in the unfamiliar territory of a studio.

Even so, he says his finest hour is not in the boardroom, but gathering with family and friends.

“I believe in a balanced life. With so much work to do, sometimes you lose sense of what’s important and your real perspective on life. It’s the simple things: hanging out with the family, having a laugh with friends, watching my son’s soccer games, whether he wins or loses,” says the father of three.

“It’s about making a difference to others, however small it is.”

Swimming laps is a solitary pursuit that lets him work through ideas. Kicking back with friends at the end of the day also keeps him happy.

It’s not always fun and games though.

“I see life as a cycle; sometimes things can be great, you’re on top, and at others you’re at rock bottom. You need to share those moments, whatever they are.”