Tom Tjokro

“My finest hour was when I visited Japan for the first time with my wife and kids. We are huge fans of Japan; we even gave Japanese names to our kids.”

Tommy Tjokro is no stranger to the world of journalism. Apart from his extensive portfolio, you may be familiar with his name as he was one of the moderators for the second round of the 2019 presidential debate. Right now he is busy maintaining two businesses; one is a school for public speaking that he established with his partners. Besides his career, Tommy is also a loving family man who is fond of Japan. He grew up reading manga, watching anime and other Japanese movies. Then he met his wife, who also shares a mutual affinity for the Land of the Rising Sun.


Having a love for travelling, the news anchor admitted that his finest hour was when he was able to take his family – his wife along with their two kids, Hiro and Numa – to Japan for the first time. “My wife and I are crazy about Japan. I personally grew up with manga, anime and all the Japanese movies. As for my wife, she loves Japanese movies,” Tommy shared, “I remember when we finally made the decision to visit Japan; we had an amazing time there. It was a blast and it was really something memorable for all of us.” Tommy Tjokro wears the Santos de Cartier Skeleton.