Veri Setiady

Veri Y. Setiady has been very effective in balancing his work and personal life, which of course, includes travel. With his architectural background, Veri is attracted to iconic buildings everywhere, sights he gets to see when he travels. For him, there is something connected to his creative brain that feeds his desire to explore, constantly learn and try new things. “My architect brain doesn’t ever shut off. I simply experience something new to then bring back, and potentially inspire a detail on my next project,” he said.

The love of travel is indeed in his blood. Someone who excels in time management, Veri always prepares himself beforehand when it comes to exploring new places he has never been to before. He will have a map of the world, which automatically serves as a reminder for him to plan, save and prepare for the next exploration. “Nothing forces you to grow more than an unknown culture and the need to eat. You can either get the best cuisine in town or not at all, or find a cool local spot and taste what they eat.

”Veri is currently busy with several projects such as the upcoming SENAYAN CITY transformation, as well as the opening of the NEO SOHO Shopping Mall and the INDIGO Bali Seminyak Beach Hotel. When he feels he has plenty on his plate, he treats himself to a short break to indulge on something he likes to do, “I go for a run and listen to music. Coldplay is absolutely on my playlist.”