In 1973, the Limelight Gala was not yet known as the Limelight Gala. The collection was only given its name retrospectively, in view of its extraordinary history. From the moment it was created, the watch was caught in a whirlwind of receptions, parties, balls, dinners, and galas.

It displayed the time with panache and flamboyance, adorning the wrists of women dressed by the most famous couturiers and being easy to wear thanks to its articulated bracelet.

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    Ornamental stone advertisement Harpers Bazaar 1969
    Ornamental stone advertisement Harpers Bazaar 1969

    And now, in 2023, Piaget introduces the new Limelight Gala collection, which still has all the charisma, the powerful aesthetics, the couture extravagance, and the innovative refinement of its Seventies predecessors.

    The bracelet is crafted from strands of gold woven into a Milanese mesh, guaranteeing a smooth finish and a second-skin feel. It is sculpted, sometimes like a chain, sometimes like the finest flowing fabric. On the dial, there is still an explosion of colour, while the bezel is generously wrapped in perfectly matched stones.

    Limelight Gala 79
    Limelight Gala 79

    Malachite, lapis lazuli, or kaleidoscopic opal are trimmed with white diamonds. Enamel and sapphires shine in shades of blue and green. With the infinite variety of its blends of materials and colours, the collection reveals its clear propensity for extravagance.

    This spirit is embodied by lugs set with double rows of stones in a scale of rainbow hues or  adorned with flamboyant marquise-cut diamonds. Such finesse is required to execute these pieces that skilled watchmakers in the Plan-les-Ouates Manufacture can devote hundreds of hours to crafting them.

    G0P48214 SL 16x9
    G0P48214 SL 16×9

    Both extravagant and elegant, this little horological jewel is a unique symbol of the cultural legacy left by the Piaget Society of the 1970s and still the best dress watch on the market today. Discover the Piaget collections online or locate The Time Place boutique near you for a visit.