Solstice announces a moment of celebration. The longest night of the year is a promise of suspended hours during which time flies, and happiness sparkles. Colors shine brighter, smiles appear wider, and the glow of gold and precious stones sparkles just a little more vividly. The night is only beginning, and it will be ours. Ours to live fully, ours to celebrate.

Harmoniously fit for a solstice celebration, the Piaget Solstice collection represents the perfect blend of two of the Maison’s founding principles: excellence and creativity. In the “Ateliers de l’Extraordinaire”, mastery meets pure beauty, audacity and craft become companions. Like the crowd of the Piaget Society, Solstice is sophisticated, chic and spectacular.

Inspired by Haute-Couture outfits, the fluid design of the Voluptuous Ribbon and Generous Laces sets replicate the delicate asymmetry of glamorous fabric ribbons. The articulated Precious Adornment necklace matches the movement and adaptability of a precious gown. Excellence is nothing without playfulness.

Combined with the Maison’s unique craftsmanship, Piaget’s jewelry expertise offers exceptional stones a delicate setting, displaying their beauty on precious and playful pieces. From the blue and pink sapphires from Sri Lanka and Madagascar, to the Australian black opals and unique Zambian emeralds, all radiate boldness and brimming energy.

In the “Ateliers de l’Extraordinaire”, their artisans shape and sculpt gold to give it the suppleness of a silky fabric. With their asymmetrical designs and delicate curves, the Voluptuous Ribbons and Generous Laces sets offer a splendid display of Piaget’s mastery.

Cut into 55 facets, the marquise-cut epitomises the radiance that shimmers throughout the collection. Both jeweller and watchmaker, Piaget once again combines its two main savoir-faires in the Solstice collection’s exceptional watches. A pinnacle of watchmaking craft, the flying tourbillon movement of the Dazzling Swirl watch is adorned with a design that is another nod to the twirling of a sumptuous dress.

True to its tradition and eager to explore new territories, Maison Piaget once again pushes the boundaries of craft and creativity. Get ready for a dizzying evening of freedom and extravagance!

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