When people shop for watches, the type of watch glass can cause a lot of confusion. One of the most frequently asked questions is sapphire, because this material is also used in the jewel pads inside the watch movement, and it’s also used to protect the watch dial at the very top part of the watch.

The watch glass is an important part, as it protects the hands and the dial. Glass is also an important part of making a watch waterproof as it keeps water from getting inside and damaging the watch’s movement. A good quality watch glass is also scratch and shatter resistant.

When it comes to the watch’s glass, the sapphire crystal material is at the top. If your watch has a sapphire crystal glass, it means that it has the highest quality glass available today. As the name suggests, this type of watch glass is made of sapphire material.

However, it is usually made of synthetic sapphire, not real sapphire. Strong and scratch resistant sapphires. It looks fine and almost impossible to scratch, only a very hard material like diamond can scratch it.

Isn’t it blue sapphire? Yes, it’s blue. But they can also be red, green, yellow, or purple. This is because other materials in the crystal such as copper, chromium, iron or titanium give it their hue. Clear and pure sapphires are hard to find. This is the reason why synthetic sapphires are more commonly used.

How are sapphire crystals made? It was originally made by Auguste Verneuil, a French chemist who made sheets of glass using powdered aluminum oxide, heated them, and put them under extreme pressure. The crystals are then heated to remove internal stresses that could cause damage. The final stage of production is processing it into sheets, and a strong protective glass is formed.

Until today, sapphire crystal was the material of choice used by high-quality watches to protect the dial. Apart from being scratch resistant, sapphire crystal was also chosen because it looks more luxurious aesthetically than other materials such as acrylic and mineral crystals.

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