Dream Weavers: Zenith’s Meet The DreamHers 2022

By The Time Place Magazine

Zenith prides itself as a strong advocate for women with the second installment of Meet The DreamHers.

What started with an introduction of the Defy Midnight back in 2020, Zenith’s foray into the women’s watch segment has turned into an impactful global campaign that champions women’s empowerment. As part of Zenith’s Horiz-On initiative, DreamHers is a platform for women to inspire and be inspired in fulfilling their dreams. Represented by a group of accomplished and approachable women from diverse fields, DreamHers is celebrated with events across the world.

Following the first instalment with six DreamHers—from a professional ballerina to an acclaimed architect—held in Madrid last year, the Meet the DreamHers event made a comeback in 2022 with a new line-up and a special partnership. Held in Singapore last October, Zenith joined forces with Susan G. Komen® for the international Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Sheila Sim, a DreamHer since 2020, and Victoria Wolodzko-Smart—Senior Vice President of Mission at Susan G. Komen®—led a discussion about women’s health empowerment during a Breakfast Talk session.

Zenith Chronomaster Original Pink Special edition Breast Cancer Awareness introducing 4 2048x1365 1

“You may have heard that Asian women are at lower risk of breast cancer. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. Incidence rates across Asia are rising dramatically by one to 3% per year,” said Wolodzko-Smart. “And it’s predicted that breast cancer deaths worldwide will rise to more than a million deaths per year. It’s time, it’s beyond time. But there is hope.”

Enter the Zenith Chronomaster Original Pink, a special edition timepiece with a unisex 38 mm steel case and the latest generation of the El Primero automatic high-frequency chronograph calibre with 1/10th of a second measurement. Only available in a limited time from October 1 – October 31, 20% of the proceeds from the sales will be directly donated to the Susan G. Komen® foundation, to support its efforts in spreading awareness, assisting breast cancer patients medically and mentally, as well as finding tomorrow’s cure.

Zenith Chronomaster Original Pink Special edition Breast Cancer Awareness introducing 2 2048x1365 1

“Zenith’s collaboration with Susan G. Komen® is really about empowering women. As Victoria said, the foundation was formed because they wanted to hear from the patients, instead of just from the doctors. And she didn’t only talk about the science, but also the importance of mental health during treatment and recovery for the patients. I think that’s completely a game changer,” said Sim in an interview with The Time Place magazine.

Another uplifting panel awaited us in the evening with all the DreamHers. Taking place in the historic building, Chijmes, the supermodel and well-being advocate Sheila Sim (Singapore) was joined by five new DreamHers: athlete and motorsport prodigy Catie Munnings (United Kingdom), acclaimed violinist Esther Abrami (France), TV personality Chiaki Horan (Japan), actress and LGBTQ+ rights activist Lola Rodriguez (Spain); and entrepreneur Melody Hsu (Taiwan). Having met only 24 hours before the time of the main event, their natural and harmonious synergy on stage showed otherwise.

Julien Tornare Zenith CEO gave a speech at the event
Julien Tornare Zenith CEO gave a speech at the event

Abrami pointed out, “We just met 24 hours ago but there was a real connection. I think it was inspiring that everybody was willing to share their vulnerabilities. The reason why is because we felt like it was a safe space to do so. And I think that’s one of the things that Zenith is doing, giving a platform to do that. I felt really inspired with all those women around me and I had a really amazing time.”

Moderated by Singaporean television presenter, Anita Kapoor, the panel was beautifully orchestrated with the DreamHers sharing their story in such a genuine manner. The positive energy filled the room as the wonderful ladies narrated the challenges they faced as women in their respective fields—from rejections, body-shaming, to sexism—and the lessons-learned that they embraced from their experiences. “It is so strange how similar the challenges that we all have, considering how different our industry is,” realised Munnings.

The Zenith Meet the DreamHers 2022 event was held at Chijmes Sinapore

According to Zenith, we will soon see the evolution of DreamHers. “In 2023, (DreamHers) is not only about listening to these women inspiring ourselves. But it is also how we can concretely contribute to this cause. Next year, we will present, and this is the first time we are talking about it, a mentoring programme which means these ladies will help, coach, advise women that have a dream today and they want this dream to turn into a success and a reality tomorrow.” said Julien Tornare, CEO of Zenith, in his speech.

It was truly a magical evening as we witnessed the unique bond between the six DreamHers on the panel. Even though they came from different parts of the world, with completely different backgrounds, and are doing completely different things, the audience truly felt the genuine connection they had with each other. And this is what the Zenith DreamHers campaign is all about: inspiring women everywhere to chase their dreams and reach for the stars.

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