Globally, Swiss goods and services in the watchmaking industry are known for their high standards of excellence, reliability, and precision. Switzerland passed unique laws to safeguard this stellar image. In 2017, the so-called “Swissness Act” recent iteration already began.

This rule applies to watches as well as to commercial products, services, and meals. Swiss cheese and chocolate, for example. But, only the watch side that will be covered in this article.

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    The Association of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH) has created the standards for what describes a “Swiss” timepiece. A “Guide to the use of the designation “Swiss” for watches” has been issued by the FH to assist watch businesses in understanding these criteria. This lengthy legal justification for when a watch can and cannot be labeled as “Swiss Manufactured” comes down to the following conditions:

    When a timepiece is labeled “Swiss Made” it should meets the following criteria:

    • Its technological growth takes place in Switzerland.
    • Its movement is being examined in Switzerland.
    • The review was completed in Switzerland.
    • 60% of its manufacturing expenses are generated in Switzerland.

    When a movement is labeled “Swiss Manufactured,” it means that:

    • Its technological development is carried out in Switzerland.
    • It is assembled in Switzerland.
    •  It has undergone final examination in Switzerland.
    • Switzerland accounts for 60% of manufacturing expenses.
    • Swiss-made components account for 50% of the total worth of the product, excluding manufacturing.

    According to these specifications, it is also possible that a mechanism is Swiss-made but the remainder of the watch is not. In that instance, the business may stamp the case with “Swiss Movement,” but not “Swiss Made.”

    With these specifications in hand, it’s a fun exercise to inspect your own watch and determine its “Swissness” based on labels on the case and dial. So, that’s what the “Swiss Made” label on a watch is all about and why it makes such a big difference to the reputation of the watch. Does your watch have the “Swiss Made” label?

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