Women’s time is being re-calibrated, but perhaps not quickly enough. If you see a smart lady wearing a sophisticated watch, it’s almost certainly a man’s timepiece. They also produce women’s watches, with the exception of jewelry companies like Cartier, however they are frequently embellished with diamonds or gemstones and are mainly time-only timepieces. The majority of the time, they came with quartz calibers. But that’s all about to change.

Several decades ago, a woman’s watch options were limited to petite, delicate timepieces. Those watches could have featured a second hand and sometimes a date, but they didn’t usually include helpful features like calendars, chronographs, or GMT functions. On the bezel, they nearly invariably contained diamond markings or a rim of diamonds. It was as though the watchmakers had a formula for manufacturing feminine clocks and didn’t stray from it.

Today, however, as more women take on leadership roles in the workplace and become more self-sufficient across the world, watchmakers are paying more attention than ever before to what women desire. In fact, ladies are becoming increasingly interested in collecting watches, and they want more than just bling. They’re also looking for nice complicated watches.

Today’s watchmakers are beginning to design collections specifically for ladies, including mechanical movements and minor complexities. Some people still put diamonds on their watches, although the majority do not. Many are merging feminine appeal with masculine features, allowing the case design and movement to tell their own tale. This translates to “they give both intelligence and beauty.”

The majority of today’s female watch collectors desire more watches, and they are most likely purchasing some of the latest women’s pieces on the market. They’re still purchasing men’s watches, particularly those with a lot of complexity. For whatever reason, watchmakers are taking their time understanding that ladies aren’t simply interested in the gorgeous intricacies. The moonphase indication is one of the first complexities that companies add to a timepiece when designing a line for women.

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Sure, there are still women who want pretty watches, but any other woman may also desire to wear something useful. They desire chronographs to time their runs and other activities, as well as yearly and perpetual calendars, alarm clocks, world time watches, and diving watches. Women continue to buy men’s watches since the majority of them are not yet manufactured particularly for women.

Ladies are also not hesitant to spend money on themselves, and those who are looking for a tourbillon or a minute repeater may have a difficult time locating one without looking to the men’s side, since just a few major watch manufacturers make these watches for women.

However, there is a significant transition going on in today’s society that is worth noting. The watch industry is attempting to move away from the erroneous classifications of men’s and women’s watches by producing more unisex timepieces. In an effort to represent today’s lives and cultures, several designers are referring to their new collections as unisex or genderless.

Still, watchmakers are attempting to figure out what their female customers desire, with the intention of gaining a deeper understanding over time. But, let’s face it, women adore variety and choice. As a result, watchmakers will need to provide more: more mechanical movements, greater complexity, more current designs, and more unisex sizes.

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