Many people have asked why so many watch pictures on the internet that don’t show the serial numbers. One would suppose there’s a good reason, but it’s not clear what the reason is. Is this something to be concerned about? Here’s all you need to know about it.

When you buy a watch, you generally have the option of registering it, which allows you to identify it by its unique serial number. This keeps track of information that may be used to verify authenticity, ownership, and other facts that could be valuable when you are repairing or reselling the item.

Checking the serial number on a vintage watch is part of your due diligence and may help you make sure everything else about the watch is correct. You may also search it on and to see whether that pre-owned watch has been reported stolen or not.

Many people may hide serial numbers in their photos on the internet because they see others do so and believe it is better to be safe, even if they aren’t sure why. The true owner of a watch hides the serial number to minimize potential inconvenience rather than material harm.

A fraudster or counterfeiter can sell illegal items with a valid serial number. A fraudster may, for example, use someone else’s photos to sell a watch he doesn’t own, and a genuine serial number would make it appear more legitimate.

When that watch is never delivered and reported stolen (on police reports, corporate documentation, insurance claims, and community forums), the owner may later discover that he must verify genuine ownership. If you have the paperwork to show ownership, this is a little annoyance; but, if you don’t, it might be a major headache. This is particularly a problem with more high – priced timepieces.



So, you should be cautious when posting your luxury watch online, never show the serial number to avoid fraudsters.