The Piaget Rose is best-known as one of the Maison’s exquisite jewellery collections, but it is also the name of an award-winning flower named after Yves Piaget. This rose comes in a unique and vibrant shade of fuchsia and is appreciated for its large bloom with 80 layers of petals and its fragrance that features hints of citrus.

The Piaget Rose timepieces have been interpreted with an array of Métiers d’Art over the years, including micro mosaic, wood and stone marquetry, embroidery, engraving, guilloché, and miniature enamel. This year sees the arrival of four new timepieces that combine a mesmerizing mix of gold engraving, ornamental stones, glyptic, and enamel.

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The Piaget Rose

All four limited editions models come in an ultrathin 36mm, 18-karat gold case set with baguette-cut diamonds. Three of the four timepieces are adorned with ornamental stones as well as pink sapphires, green tsavorites and diamonds. The fourth one features an engraved solid gold dial adorned with pink sapphires amethysts and diamonds. Each timepiece is limited to eight pieces.

Each dial comes to life in the hands of Dick Steenman who sculpts and engraves each miniature Piaget Rose in gold so that Anita Porchet can add the perfect shade of enamel. Dick also sends Anita the stones so that she can research the exact hue of colour.

The Piaget Rose

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Once the enamel is completed, these delicate elements are returned to Dick who works the glyptic of each ornamental stone and meticulously re-sculpts the edges of some of the enamel petals, a process that is not without risk. He also delicately hollows the centre of the flowers to prepare them for the setting of the diamonds, sapphires, and tsavorites that will become the pistils.

The final process is the assembly of the final bouquet, which is a real-life puzzle that demands utmost dexterity. Each dial takes at least a month to complete due to the numerous challenges that arise. This is literally the top-level-jewellery in the form of timepieces that will take your wrist to the next level of elegance.