There are so many reasons to buy a chronograph watch, and the main reason is its function which is very useful for everyday life. In addition, this watch comes with a significantly more complicated movement mechanism than a simple time-only watch.

Because of its functionality and complexity, if you are looking for a high-end chronograph watch, of course, it is priced quite expensive. Therefore, here are 4 things to consider when buying a chronograph watch.

Mechanical or Quartz?

Buying a Chronograph Watch - Mechanical or Quartz?

If you are looking for a watch with an interesting history and a sophisticated mechanical system that has been a legacy from previous watchmakers, then, of course, a mechanical watch is the right choice. Apart from that, mechanical watches also have a more interesting mechanism on their chronograph features.

A chronograph watch with a quartz movement will be more affordable, and you can enjoy some advanced features that are slightly different from those offered by mechanical watches.

Does the size fit on your wrist?

Buying a Chronograph Watch - Does the size fit on your wrist?

It should note you that most chronograph watches come in a larger size, both in thickness and width. This is because the side of the case comes with an additional pusher and a thicker movement because of its complicated mechanism.

So we recommend you to try the watch directly before buying it. It needs to fit snugly around your wrist and fits comfortably into your long sleeve shirt. It is not recommended to buy a chronograph watch online because looking at the pictures; you cannot feel the real dimensions of the watch.

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What kind of chronograph do you want?


The chronograph is one of the most popular types of watches and, of course, has a wide variety of types. The most popular types of chronographs are those that have historical roots in the motorsport and aviation world. That is one of the reasons why tachymeter bezels are often found, although nowadays no one really uses their function anymore.

Other bezels also come with a telemeter to measure distance, a pulsometer to measure heart rate, or even a scale 0-60 which is also one of the most common types on the market.

In addition, the type of chronograph is also distinguished by the system of the stopwatch feature monopusherat uses only one button to stop, start, and reset the stopwatch times. Then there is the Flyback chronograph; you can use the reset function without first stopping the chronograph. In regular chronographs, you must stop, reset, and restart the chronograph in order to time an event after the chronograph has started.

So, adjust your needs and tastes with the type of chronograph that you will choose.

Buying a Chronograph Watch – What features will add value to a chronograph watch?

Buying a Chronograph Watch - What features will add value to a chronograph watch?


There are several types of features on a chronograph that watch the watch lovers highly valuers. An example is the complexity of the monopusher chronograph movement. Because of this complexity, monopusher chronograph watches are trendy among watch lovers concerned about the movement mechanism system.

Then, there are also the technical features of a chronograph movement that uses a column wheel and vertical clutch, which watch lovers highly appreciate. It’s valued as more difficult to produce and for its smoother tactile experience when operating the chronograph’s buttons.