Chopard has been captivated by the youthful exuberance, boundless creativity, and vibrant energy of the immensely popular South Korean girl group, aespa. Recognizing their immense talent and zest for life, Caroline Scheufele, Chopard’s Co-President and Artistic Director, has selected aespa to be the face of a thrilling new campaign set to launch this summer. With their extraordinary success both in their home country and on the international stage, this ultra-cool all-girl K-pop group will embody the essence of Chopard’s Happy Sport, Happy Diamonds, Ice Cube, Alpine Eagle, and Precious Lace collections, as well as the Maison’s latest remarkable addition, My Happy Hearts.

Caroline, always eager to forge connections with rising stars, was naturally drawn to the youth, energy, and artistic prowess exhibited by the South Korean girl group, aespa. As the Maison’s Co-President and Artistic Director, she swiftly realized that Karina, Winter, Giselle, and Ningning possessed the perfect qualities to represent Chopard’s key collections: Happy Sport, Happy Diamonds, Ice Cube, Alpine Eagle, Precious Lace, and the Maison’s latest My Happy Hearts collection.

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    A Global Phenomenon

    Similar to Chopard itself, aespa embodies a spirit of innovation woven into their group. The name “aespa” was in fact derived from a combination of ‘Avatar X Experience’ and ‘aspect’. This concept is designed to represent innovative activities driven by the theme of “Experiencing a new world via the encounter of the ‘avatar’, your other self”. Since their debut in November 2020, aespa has taken the music industry by storm. Their breakout single, “Black Mamba,” soared to the top of four different Billboard charts within a mere three days, and they continued to achieve success with hit songs like “Next Level” and “Savage.” Their second mini-album, “Girls,” recently peaked at an impressive #3 on the Billboard main charts, including the prestigious ‘Billboard 200’ and the ‘Artist 100.’ In 2022, aespa received a coveted invitation to grace the main stage of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, mesmerizing fans with their energetic and electrifying performance.

    aespa wearing Chopard Ice Cube Alpine Eagle collections Karina ©Ahn joo young
    aespa wearing Chopard Ice Cube Alpine Eagle collections Karina ©Ahn joo young

    Furthermore, they became the first K-pop girl group to perform on the opening stage for ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ summer series concert (GMA 2022 Summer Concert Series), solidifying their growing international acclaim. In addition, aespa made a significant impact by delivering a meaningful speech at the UN 2022 High-Level Forum on Sustainable Development. Within a span of just 20 months, these glamorous, eclectic, and versatile artists have redefined the expectations of global audiences when it comes to pop music and its brightest stars. Their influence is accurately exemplified by the distinctive “queen bee” stitching adorning Ningning’s Coachella outfit, showcased in Chopard’s inspiring new campaign. The group’s unique brand of stardom and futuristic warrior aesthetics serve as the perfect vessel for expressing shared values.

    Dancing Diamonds, Dancing Girls: Happy Sport

    Happy Sport, with its enchanting dancing diamonds, unveils a spectacular theatrical performance. The girls effortlessly embody nonchalance and break free from formal conventions. Their radical chic minimalism, characterized by stark simplicity, provides an exquisite backdrop for an everlasting live show that celebrates light, elegance, and freedom. The dancing diamonds echo the flawless proportions of Chopard’s iconic timepieces, while the girls themselves epitomize the spirit of this revolutionary icon.

    aespa wearing Chopard Ice Cube Alpine Eagle collections Ningning ©Ahn joo young
    aespa wearing Chopard Ice Cube Alpine Eagle collections Ningning ©Ahn joo young

    aespa and My Happy Hearts: A Perfect Match

    Who could be more fitting than aespa to showcase My Happy Hearts, the quintessential collection for young women and the ideal complement to this phenomenal girl group? Each piece of jewelry in the My Happy Hearts collection is designed to be worn alone at strategic points, embracing the principle of “less is more.” This collection symbolizes hearts as points of light, punctuating one’s look with versatile magnetism. Representing an empowered generation and a reimagined relationship with oneself, aespa and My Happy Hearts present a captivating game of mix and match, offering a myriad of combinations to suit moods, outfits, emotions, and the whims of the seasons.

    Rocking Ice Cube and Alpine Eagle

    Chopard’s Ice Cube collection is synonymous with contemporary jewelry, featuring sleek and deliberately androgynous designs that defy traditional conventions. This aesthetic perfectly complements the unique style of aespa. The collection’s minimalist and simplistic design plays with the interplay of light on its multifaceted surfaces, epitomizing the creations of the 21st century. The girls effortlessly combine the trendy allure of Ice Cube with the pure design of Chopard’s Alpine Eagle watch collection, making it their own and infusing it with their distinct spirit.

    aespa wearing Chopard Ice Cube Alpine Eagle collections Winter ©Ahn joo young
    aespa wearing Chopard Ice Cube Alpine Eagle collections Winter ©Ahn joo young

    The Rhythm Continues with Precious Lace

    Delicate, precious, and radiant, Precious Lace captures the essence of Haute Joaillerie traditions, vividly testifies to Chopard’s inspirational power in the world of jewelry, much like aespa in the world of K-pop. With grace and brilliance, the girls effortlessly unite the enchantment of Chopard’s signature Haute Joaillerie collection with their unparalleled brand, ensuring that the rhythm carries on during grand celebratory evenings.

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