The German language has a term that is so unique that other languages have simply copied it rather than coining a new word with the same meaning: Zeitgeist. You may have a hazy idea of what the word signifies yet fail to articulate it precisely. The term “zeitgeist” refers to “the overall beliefs, ideas, and spirit of a period and place.”

The zeitgeist is the present moment. And it is for this reason that Armin Strom picked this term as the name for its newest item, which symbolizes an addition to the brand’s amazing Resonance Clutch Spring technology.

Zeitgeist celebrates the five-year anniversary of Armin Strom’s proprietary resonance technology by focusing on the brand’s beliefs and commitment to watchmaking innovation. It accomplishes this by returning to the origins of watchmaking while being completely cutting-edge.

The Resonance Clutch Spring has always been at the heart of this model family, and the Zeitgeist puts it front and center. The Zeitgeist’s appearance has been trimmed down from that of the original Mirrored Force Resonance model, but it still emphasizes the resonance technology.

Zeitgeist has an open dial with partially cutaway movement design, providing for a clearer glimpse of the watch’s mechanical core. With crisp, blasted plates cut from German silver, a deep patina will emerge over time, contributing to the caliber’s old and historic sense, even with the extremely contemporary Resonance Clutch Spring on show.

But that was the point, to emphasize the most advanced and quickest resonance architecture in a timepiece, syncing faster than any other resonance watch on the market.

The dial arrangement is identical to that of the Mirrored Force Resonance, with a big dial displaying the hours and minutes and two subdials for seconds, each running in sync in opposing directions to emphasize the resonance phenomena at work. The Zeitgeist eliminates all unnecessary components, leaving simply three delineated dials.

The hour and minute hands, as well as the bridges supporting the second hands and the balancing bridge, have been skeletonized. The whole region beneath the twin balances and Resonance Clutch Spring is cut away to allow the mechanism to appear to float in space, giving the phenomena a more three-dimensional sensation.

The case is part of the most recent design trend, limiting the style codes to a more modest look, with the engravable tombstone at the bottom of the case reduced to a little protrusion from the bezel. These reductions help to accentuate movement and technology, which is the underlying purpose of this Zeitgeist one-of-a-kind sculpture.

The Resonance Clutch Spring and the phenomena of resonance are increasingly central to Armin Strom’s quest of technological innovation, which is the brand’s fundamental purpose. This watch using the new Caliber ARF21 ZG reminds everyone that he is serious about imaginative horological issue solutions. As the dial is removed, we can see how, owing to a heart-shaped cam, the reset pusher joins both seconds displays and realigns each hand.