Hopefully, you’ve moved on from the browns and grays mood and are ready for something a little more vibrant. The greatest way to ease into things is on your wrist, especially because the weather is still a little iffy these days, swinging from shorts and loafers one day to jacket weather the next.

Colourful watches allow you to break away from the more usual black, white, and metallic colours. When you dress up or down, it helps you to infuse a little more personality into your outfit. And, here’s another reason why you should buy colourful watches.

Colour sets you apart

There are a variety of reasons why individuals favor particular elements on watches, and given that most people are conservative in their style choices, it’s no surprise that black, gray, dark blue, and white are the most popular colours for watches.

Making a bold, brash, or confident decision to choose colourful watches might come seen as bold, boisterous, or confident. If you want to feel less like a number and more like any other person, wearing a watch with a vivid colour you like will set you apart from the majority of watch wearers.

Colour adds unique value to your timepiece

We are not giving you investment advice since we don’t think the value of your colourful watch will increase if you choose to sell it. If it’s a limited edition, collectors will want to get their hands on it, but the true worth is likely to be more fundamental to your emotional value.

Because we are social beings, we often fall back on this instinct without even realizing it, which is why the majority of people buy the same colour watches. Simply being conscious of that cognitive bias allows you to break free and purchase something that goes against the grain, allowing you to pursue your genuine wants. We sometimes place a higher value on such items that will show our true self.

Colour can be a conversation starter

That brings us to the third reason to wear a bright watch: it will definitely attract attention. Oftentimes, the most watches that have gotten the most attention are the ones that come with a bright colour dial or strap. Maybe, complicated watch will attract some fellow watch enthusiasts, but with a bright colour watch, everyone will catch your watch with their eyes.

Colour is fun

Finally, wearing a brightly coloured watch may be a lot of fun. There are days when it’s pouring outside, I’m stressed at work, and we are feeling under the weather, and we want to do something to cheer ourselves up. Dressing up in my favorite outfits with bright colours popping out here and there can help to lift our spirits.

So there are a few reasons why you should have a colourful watch in your collection. Discover our colourful watch collections only at The Time Place boutique.