How to choose the right watch strap for your look. When choosing a watch, you consider many aspects for it, and one of them is straps. Every watch has a strap to attach to your wrist. There are different types of straps that are commonly used on watches, to choose which type is the best fit for you, let’s find out by knowing it first.

Leather Strap

How to Choose The Right Watch Strap for Your Look

Apart from shoes and bags, leather is also widely used for watch straps. This type of strap is quite comfortable and durable to use, but it depends on the thickness and elasticity of the skin itself. Crocodile skin and snakeskin are the two types of skin most commonly used for watch straps.

The advantage of the leather strap is that it accentuates vintage colours and is usually suitable for dress watch. A.Lange & Söhne Saxonia Moon Phase is one of the watches that uses a leather strap. Made of crocodile skin and Black coloured, the strap of this watch will age and over time, will get a more vintage look.

Rubber Strap

How to Choose The Right Watch Strap for Your Look

Rubber strap is a type of strap that is made of plastic and rubber. This type of strap is usually used for sporty watches and diver watches. Because one of the advantages of a rubber strap is water resistant and very practical to use. In addition, rubber straps can also be made in various colors.

Panerai Submersible BMG-TECH is a diver’s watch that uses a rubber strap. This caoutchouc black rubber strap comes with 26/22.0 of standard size. For everyone who loves sports and diving, a watch with a rubber strap is the best choice.

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Bracelet Strap

How to Choose The Right Watch Strap for Your Look

This type of strap uses metal and stainless steel. There are several types of bracelet straps, oyster bracelet, H-link bracelet, super engineer bracelet, and jubilee bracelet, which are determined according to the number and model of the link that was used. The advantage of this type of strap is its excellent durability.

Hublot Big Bang Integral King Gold uses a satin-finished and polished 18K king gold bracelet andana 18K king gold deployant buckle clast. This type of strap is suitable for those who want to appear masculine and have a resistant watch.

Textile Strap

How to Choose The Right Watch Strap for Your Look

IWC Schaffhausen Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Spitfire, this air force-inspired watch uses a textile strap. The reason is of course because it refers to earlier military watches and also durability. Are you into the military world and want to have a strong watch strap? Textile strap is the answer.

So those are some types of watch straps that are generally available in the markeRecognisinging the ty it will certainly make it easier for you to choose the best type of watch strap and the most suitable for daily activities.

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