Do you remember travelling before the pandemic? Under the current circumstances, it’s not really a thing, but you might begin getting prepared now for that change of scenery you definitely want.

The next time you prepare for a trip, consider the watch(es) you bring. You could wear several timepieces besides the one on your wrist if your agenda calls for activities such as business meetings and beach time. Whatever your situation or purpose, here are some things to think about and tips on packing your timepieces more effectively.

Choose the watches you wear.

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The initial purpose of several watches, such as GMTs and world timers, was to help travellers keep track of various time zones. These are fantastic for work and the actual vacation, and some are even water-resistant enough to serve as dive watches, but also take into account the kinds of activities and circumstances your trip may involve.

The environment and the weather will also have an impact on what you wear and how many layers of cuffs your watch can fit under (if any).

However, sometimes just being in strange places may make travellers vulnerable, so you might want to have the option of a modest, minimal watch on hand for situations like visiting a new city on foot.

Protect your watch.


Since watches are so small, you may simply put a few of them inside one of your bag’s inner pockets. That often works better for watches with straps than for bracelets, which may not be completely flexible. There are good reasons why products like watch-specific rolls and cases are available. They will keep your timepieces organised in addition to protecting them from scuffs and bumps from other objects.

Although not absolutely essential, a pair of socks will work if you’re inventive and on a tight budget. Simply roll up one, wrap the watch around it, and tuck it inside the other. Done!

Bring your versatile watches.


You might even be able to get through with only one versatile watch occasionally. A 12-hour bezel watch may be used to keep track of a second time zone, and the same watch can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, setting, and environment you’re in by switching straps.

Keep it safe.

Keep valuables near you or in your carry-on, and keep them visible while travelling. When leaving the room, always utilise the safe that is usually available in hotel rooms for any valuables like watches. Given that watch warranties do not cover theft or loss, getting insurance may be a smart option if you are travelling with anything of high value.

But, the most important thing is to let the watches you take enhance your memory-making and always be safe with it. If you are looking for a new watch for your next trip, visit The Time Place boutique to find one.