Top watch brands are always keen to reaffirm their reputation as high-end. From a marketing standpoint, they frequently seek out ties with sports that suggest a wealthy image, such as sailing, tennis, or anything involving horses.

However, when it comes to the spectator sports that get the greatest attention, they tend to shrink, fearful that such widespread popularity would not strike the right note of exclusivity and elegance. But Hublot has always had the guts to do things differently.

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    With confidence in its luxury and elegance, Hublot made its way onto the football pitch in 2006. They did not just drop a toe in the water, though; they dipped the entire boot, shin pads and all, into the water.

    Hublot quickly became the official timekeeper for the FIFA World Cup and Women’s World Cup and all major UEFA events such as the Champions League and Europa League. They also became engaged in the Premier League, broadcast in 880 million households in 188 countries.

    They also sponsor some of the most prominent clubs globally, including Juventus, Chelsea, Ajax, Benfica, and Boca Juniors. They also got up and personal with some of football’s all-time greats, from Pele to the late Diego Maradona.

    Kylian Mbappé is Hublot’s newest ambassador, and if his career trajectory continues, he may be named with the luminaries mentioned above. Kylian Mbappé, regarded as one of the finest players in the world, is in his prime, a living embodiment of passion, achievement, and the power of dreams.

    In the current Hublot advertising campaign, multidisciplinary creative director Ezra Petronio embodies the player’s quality with an uncompromising, timeless yet modern look that avoids ostentation.

    Mbappé is a real legend of world football, recognized for his sports brilliance, energy, and commitment; nonetheless, the globally acclaimed photographer opted to focus on the intensity of his straight look and his openness for the new ad.

    “It was an honour to pose for Ezra as he worked to capture the person I really am. I love simplicity and the beauty of lasting things that have soul.” said Kylian Mbappe.

    In this campaign shoot, Mbappé was sporting the Big Bang Time Only, Hublot’s flagship model. The watch is relatively tiny, with a yellow gold case measuring 40 mm in diameter and 9.25 mm in height. The three-link bracelets have forceful lines and angles, with the edges of each link beveled. A sapphire crystal dial is used to display the mechanism behind it for increased casualness. This watch is powered by Calibre HUB170 that features a power reserve of 50 hours and runs on a current 4 Hz beat.

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