While some may avoid the number 13 due to superstition, there is certainly no avoiding the MP-13! Defying conventions and undeterred by superstition, Hublot reveals the character of its latest model. The 44 mm MP-13 is encased entirely in brushed titanium and for the first time brings together two complications, the tourbillon and the retrograde display in one.

To begin, the tourbillon features two axes, a considerable feat, as Hublot is one of only a few watchmakers capable of manufacturing a double-axis tourbillon entirely in-house, having first done so with the MP-09 in 2017. The tourbillon completes a full rotation every minute on one axis, and every 30 seconds on the other. Having two speeds within the same mechanism creates a view that is both hypnotic and technical.

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    MP 13 Tourbillion Bi Axis Retrograde 44mm lifestyle shot
    MP 13 Tourbillion Bi Axis Retrograde 44mm

    To further enhance its magic, Hublot has crafted a tourbillon with two refined attributes: it is skeletonized and suspended. This architectural design grants the tourbillon a weightlessness that more traditional versions lack. It does away with the upper bridge and each component is pared back unsparingly to allow light to pass through unobstructed.

    To amplify the visual effect, the space surrounding the 6 o’clock tourbillon has been opened up and is protected on both sides by anti-reflective sapphire crystal.

    As always, Hublot remains firmly dedicated to ensuring the daily use of each client’s MP-13, guaranteeing a power reserve of at least four days or 96 hours. It is likely to have the largest power reserve of any double-axis skeleton tourbillon on the market at present. And yet, guaranteeing these four days of power proved to be much more challenging for this model than for the handful of similar tourbillons.

    MP 13 Tourbillion Bi Axis Retrograde 44mm close up shot
    MP 13 Tourbillion Bi Axis Retrograde 44mm

    This is also the first time Hublot has designed a bi-retrograde movement for both hours and minutes. It makes telling the time highly intuitive, natural and spontaneous. The display is read from left to right, mirroring many writing styles and the trajectory of the sun. The movement is also very easy to set, as the crown at 3 o’clock only has one position.

    Winding through the minutes automatically moves the hours forward. Hublot designed the movement to only be wound in one direction, in yet another effort to ensure optimal ease of use. This prevents breakages caused by winding the hands backwards—a weakness inherent to all retrograde displays from which Hublot wished to spare it’s collectors.

    MP 13 Tourbillion Bi Axis Retrograde 44mm back shot
    MP 13 Tourbillion Bi Axis Retrograde 44mm

    Like all models in the MP series, the MP-13 Tourbillon Bi-Axis will only be produced as a very limited edition, with only 50 numbered pieces. Designed entirely in titanium with a black rubber strap, the watch has a full satin finish and contains 374 components.

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