With their strength and innovation, Panerai watches inspire their owners to choose the bold course and pursue uncharted territory. In keeping with that spirit of audacious exploration, the brand embraces novel technologies that extend compelling opportunities to its clients.

An exclusive digital component unprecedented in the brand’s history will accompany every Panerai  Experience Edition watch. A collection of exclusive and limited NFTs, will be created by introducing the  Radiomir Eilean Experience Edition, a limited-edition watch available in only 50 pieces. A 1936 classic yacht designed by renowned boat builder William Fife, Eilean was restored by Panerai to preserve its historic seafaring legacy.

The 45mm watch unites the form of the  1930s Radiomir with bronze accents salvaged from the Eilean during its restoration, and  Panerai will invite buyers on a journey aboard the boat along the Amalfi Coast. Each purchaser will receive from Panerai one of the 50 Panerai Genesis NFTs associated with the Radiomir Eilean watch in a unique cryptographic wallet, allowing them to own this non-fungible token truly.

Buyers will find within this collectable an evolutive, one-of-a-kind artwork produced exclusively for Panerai by an NFT artist. The digital asset will unlock exclusive content directly related to the Panerai Experience  Edition watches and evolve as the experience reveals the art piece. Each  NFT will be uniquely time stamped to reflect the specificities and uniqueness of each buyer’s experience and become a perfectly unique NFT blending art and experience.

Starting from the Eilean Experience in June in the Amalfi Coast, sailing the  Mediterranean on the historic yacht Eilean, this first of its kind use of NFTs by Panerai will define a new frontier in the possibilities offered by the technology.

Owners of one of the  Genesis NFTs will have priority access to all future web3 initiatives from Panerai and will be invited to enjoy exclusive services, events and offerings from the brand. Panerai has partnered with Arianee,  the leading end-to-end web3 solution for brands, to guide the brand’s entrance into this revolutionary technology.

Arianee enabled Panerai’s web3  strategy and allowed brands to tokenize, distribute and leverage value to transform their relationships with their communities on the decentralized internet.

“Panerai responds to the needs of the world’s most daring heroes, whether their journeys  take them to the deepest reaches of the ocean or beyond the planet’s atmosphere,” says  CEO Jean-Marc Pontroue . “Technology is the next frontier offering limitless potential,  and Panerai is also at the leading edge in that arena. By creating our first NFTs, the brand will use dynamic new measures to respond to our customers and allow  them to enhance the ownership of their treasured Panerai watches.”

Panerai Sets Its Sights on the Next Generation of the Web The watch brand of modern heroes introduces its entry into Web3 in partnership with Arianee 2. This inaugural offering from Panerai represents the beginning of a deepening engagement in the world of Web3. In time, every Panerai watch will be issued a Digital Passport,  as a service to protect its valuable, singular identity, maintain an open line of communication with the brand and unlock benefits and services.

Its utility will be manifold: these NFTs will provide definitive proof of ownership and deliver access to an enhanced client experience with benefits and services that begin immediately and unfold continually. For Panerai, the relationship with its clients begins with building ingenious watches that are companions for adventure and never ends.