On March 15th, Piaget invited their VIP customers to a special in-store Touch & Try Sessions, where every guest can feel the weight and admire the intricate details of Piaget’s latest watch collection. It wasn’t just an occasion to display exquisite collections of jewellery and watches, it was a moment of genuine connection, where guests were welcomed into the Piaget family with open arms. 

The highlight of the evening was, undoubtedly, the opportunity for guests to try on Piaget’s exclusive collections. Each piece told a story of meticulous craftsmanship, with diamonds sparkling and gold shimmering under the soft lights of the boutique. It was more than just wearing jewellery, it was an experience of embodying the essence of Piaget’s legacy. 

Adding to the allure of the evening was the presence of a senior fashion stylist, the Bung Bung M. With an expert eye for style, Bung Bung M guided guests through the art of accessorising with Piaget’s creations. From elegant watches that spoke of refined taste to statement jewellery pieces that exuded confidence, guests learned how to infuse their personal style with Piaget’s timeless allure. 

Guests didn’t just attend an event, they became an integral part of the Piaget family. Conversations flowed effortlessly, laughter echoed through the boutique, and bonds were formed over a shared appreciation for artistry and luxury. Visit our Piaget Plaza Senayan boutique to discover our latest collection!