Passion, dedication, and audacity. The qualities of chivalry may be thousands of years old, yet they are still alive in many people’s imaginations. That is why Roger Dubuis continues to strive for perfection.

The Maison’s ultimate aim, however, is to constantly question the rules of the game – and, as a result, to symbolize the future of Hyper Horology. For the next edition of the legendary Knights of the Round Table line, this philosophy is taken to new heights.

The watch is embellished with extraordinary aesthetic expertise, superb workmanship, and unrestrained innovation to set a new level. It is a bold statement for the here and now, infusing it with the heritage of a great while also designing it with the future in mind.

Twelve hour-marked knights cast in 18k 750/1000 pink gold are created to look in flux in their own individual poses, bringing a legend to life in the most fascinating way yet. It took a year and a half to master this genuine work of hyper-expressive workmanship.

Each figure is outfitted in medieval armor, plates, shields, and helmets, and their unique weapons are drawn and ready to combat whatever emerges from beneath their boots, thanks to the intricate skill of micro-sculpture.

Each warrior is set against a clear blood-red flange created from rare Murano glass, symbolizing an imagined situation in which the knights prepare to protect themselves from oncoming peril. This artistic peculiarity is also employed to create the black dial’s dark and gleaming texture. Murano glass, which is part of the renowned Venetian heritage, bends light in unusual and exciting ways.

This watch is powered by an automatic Monobalancier RD821 calibre. Meanwhile, the crown and its defender are made to seem like a sword’s guard, as if a blade is locked inside the watch, precisely like Arthur’s Excalibur sword in the stone, which he was proclaimed king for free.

A unique translucent sapphire crystal ring under the bezel allows for a complete view of the knight’s intricate facets, maximizing the delicate craftsmanship. Discerning collectors are now welcome to experience all elements of their characteristics in an ultra-exclusive view available only to them.

A black calf leather strap with a Quick Release System, the first in the Knights of the Round Table series, allowing for simple interchangeability while complementing the luxury appearance and feel of this classic watch that fit for today’s warrior.

A Roger Dubuis Knights of the Round Table timepiece, a super expressive timepiece that unites the power, mystique, and know-how of the past with the current world, is worn by a select few. That is why, when it comes to crafts like these, scarcity must reign supreme. Will you be the lucky one to have this watch?