Roger Dubuis is known for their distinct collections with busy dial design, bold look, and also complicated. Excalibur Skeleton Flying Tourbillon is one of them. This model incorporates two unmistakable features of Roger Dubuis creations, the flying tourbillon and the skeleton.

The Excalibur Skeleton Flying Tourbillon comes with a bit smaller plates and bridges to the absolute essentials and comes with the RD820SQ calibre, offers a light, spacious display of advanced mechanics in action.

By paring down the plates and bridges in the extreme to maintain only the essential elements, Roger Dubuis provides a flamboyant stage-setting for the highly technical nature of its tourbillon calibres. The RD820SQ calibre contains 179 components that feature 60 hours of power reserve.

The busy dial wraps in a sporty 42 mm case on and a leather strap. There’s only a few pieces of metal to hold jewels and screws on this skeletonised dial, offering enough stability to the entire movement. By looking at this watch’s face, you can observe all movement parts and how they operate, so will learn a lot about how a mechanical watch functions.

The 42mm rose gold case comes with lovely details on the edges, there’s also a brushed part, beveled edges, and polished parts that makes it look nice. The monochromatic colour palette lends itself well to a variety of outfits, and for the most part, this 42mm Excalibur Skeleton Flying Tourbillon is probably the most versatile watch.

Finishing up with the case, it is water resistant to 30 meters, and has a  strap connection system that tapers the brown alligator strap. The strap is connected to a matching rose gold folding deployant. The case and strap together make for a very lightweight timepiece whose lack of mass aides in the comfortable wearing experience.

Iconic aesthetics and exceptional mechanics, the design of this model highlights the technical innovation and vice versa. Through a perfectly mastered know-how, The Excalibur Skeleton Flying Tourbillon fully displays its temper, whether it is resolutely wise or boldly excessive, the perfect fit for bold people with a strong character.

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