As a watch brand that is known for their innovations, TAG Heuer always presents extraordinary products to the market. With the current smart watches trend on the market, this Swiss brand has released the TAG Heuer Connected watch, a smart watch that comes with an elegant mechanical watch design.

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    Since its first release, TAG Heuer dubbed their smartwatch collection as ‘luxury smartwatches’. Of course this is a differentiator from technology giants like Apple, Samsung and Huawei which already have their own market for their smartwatch products. Therefore, TAG Heuer continues to improve and develop the Connected Watch to be the best in the competition.

    From the initial release until now, TAG Heuer Connected has continued to develop the design to the features in it. One such model is the TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition.

    In TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition, there is the TAG Heuer Golf application which has features such as 3D mapping, hazards distance, shot tracking, scorecards, pro stats and driving zone to assist you on the field.

    The watch comes with an improved 2D map that has more details, including forests and trees. The mobile app also comes with improved 3D maps on either Android or iOS, all textures like water, sand and fairway will be seen more clearly through your mobile phone.

    IOS users can enjoy a trajectory simulation for better visualisation on their mobile. The design of this application provides a more realistic experience than before and the visuals display will look like in a professional tournament broadcast.

    There is also the Club Recommendation feature, which is one of the most interesting new features on this watch. When the user points at the target on the map, this feature will recommend the most suitable club based on distance. Users need to set each distance of his clubs, and this feature will give you better recommendations.

    The TAG Heuer Golf app provides visualisation of scores in stroke play, stableford, or match play, making it the perfect companion watch for friendly games or competitions. The new built-in bluetooth connection allows for faster syncing, providing a smoother experience when starting laps or syncing scores and strokes.

    Together with the TAG Heuer Sports app and various services offered by Wear OS by Google ™, this watch is the best companion for golf lovers, both on and off the golf field.