Just like other fashion items, Watches come in various sizes that can be chosen according to your taste or wrist size. Sometimes, we are confused about determining the correct watch size for our wrist when browsing it online. A perfect fit size will undoubtedly make the watch look better on the wrist.

To help you find one, here it’s a guide to finding the right watch size for you. Get the measuring tape and wrap it around your wrist.

Thin Wrist (14-16cm) 


If you have a small body but wear an oversized suit, it certainly will not fit and look bad. That also happens to watches. If you have a thin wrist (14-16cm), the correct watch size is 38mm in diameter and 7mm in thickness. Choosing a watch with a bright and shiny dial will make your watch still attract the eyes around you, even with a relatively small size.

Slim wrist (16-17cm)


If you have a slightly larger wrist (16-17cm), you can increase the diameter but don’t increase the thickness. A watch with a case diameter of 40mm and a thickness of 7mm is the perfect size for you. With a measure like this, a leather strap is the best option to reinforce the classic touch.

Medium wrist (17-18cm) 

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This wrist size can be regarded as a proportional size. If you are one of them, congratulations! Because there are so many watch sizes that will fit your wrist. The watch with a size of about 42mm and a thickness of 8-9mm, is the most appropriate for you. A strap bracelet can be the main choice in order to support the look of its size.

Thick wrist (18cm++)


For those who like to lift weights, you must have big arms and thick wrists. With a thick and sturdy wrist size, you need to wear a watch with a large diameter too. A diameter of 44-46mm and a thickness of 9mm can be the best option. Pilot watches, chronograph, diver, and many other sporty watches come in large sizes.

So, that is a guide for those who are looking for a watch so you can get the right size for your wrist. Please visit the nearest The Time Place boutique to get the best collection of watches.