The first scratch on your brand-new watch was unavoidable, yet it is still the most agonising. Perhaps you simply want your precious watch to appear as good as it was the first time you brought it out of its box. So, to help you achieve that, we present to you what you need to know about how to remove scratches from metal watch cases.

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    Find out which finishing type your case is.

    Metal finishes may range from polished to brushed to matte, and each has its own set of considerations. You wouldn’t want a polished patch over a brushed surface, for example, and only specialists can fix scuffed matte or bead-blasted surfaces. The idea is to match the surrounding finish as closely as possible to that of adjacent surfaces.

    Do this on the polished finish part.

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    While there are several methods to remove scratches from the polished surface of a watch, using rubber is the best option. The rubber looks like an eraser but has a textured surface that can fill in scratches.

    Though this method produces a satisfactory outcome, remnants of the scratches are frequently evident.

    Do this on the brushed finish part.

    Brushed and satin finishes are actually a sequence of homogeneous scratches on the metal, and repairing scratches on these surfaces requires refinishing the metal. Brushed finishes may range from fine to coarse, subtle to deep, and the key is to match the finishing with both the polishing substance you use and the pressure you apply.

    Audemars Piguet Royal Oak RD3 4

    This method must be done very carefully by looking at the brushed line at first, because if you apply the wrong pressure or the wrong way, you will see a difference in the surface of your watch’s case.

    So, that’s how to get rid of scratches on your watch. However, if you are still hesitant to do it by yourself, please visit TIMECARE to have it handled by the experts.