Did you just get your first luxury watch? It will certainly make your heart happy. One of the advantages of a luxury watch is its value as something that can be passed down to your children and grandchildren, so you should pay attention to a few things to ensure the longevity of your watch.

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    Find out the water resistance level.

    There will be numbers on the case back or dial of your watch that tell you about its water resistance, but it’s not as simple as “’X’ number means I can do ‘Y’ in the water.”

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    It’s better to consider the intended use of the watch. A watch with a 30-meter endurance is most likely not meant to get wet, while a 100-meter sports watch with a screwed crown can get inside the water.

    Find a safe place to store it.

    Direct sunlight can fade the colour, but this can take several years. Don’t leave your watch in direct sunlight for several years. You want to keep your watch away from heat and humidity, but air conditioning removes moisture from the air, so as long as you have temperature control, it’s all good and safe.

    Breguet Type 20 Chronographe
    Breguet Type 20 Chronographe

    The truth is that no matter where you store it, as long as it’s away from shock and direct sunlight, your watch should be safe. Unless you have a perpetual calendar watch, in this case, you should have a watch winder because you don’t want to reset the watch.

    Watch out for magnets.

    Most modern watches can stand up to the iPhone magnetic effect. The silicone material in the movement really helps to protect it. However, you should pay attention to things like large speakers. If you only have regular speakers, no worries, but if you have a couple of subwoofers in the trunk and keep your watch next to them, it can mess with the accuracy of the watch.

    Panerai California

    You need to keep your watch about a metre away from big speakers, especially vintage watches.

    Pay attention to thief-prone areas or events.

    Luxury watches are one of the main targets of thieves. Make sure you pay attention to where you are going to wear your luxury watch. It is not advisable to go to a music festival with your luxury watch. Only wear it to places or events that are safe from thieves.

    Insurance your watch.

    If it’s very expensive, it’s better to insure your watch. Because no one knows what bad things will happen to your watch. If the watch is insured and lost, at least you still get the same replacement value.

    So, those are some of the things to look out for after you get your first luxury watch. If you’re still looking for the perfect luxury watch, find it online or visit an The Time Place boutique for more information.