“Vintage contemporary” is the hottest term in luxury watches today. Become used to hearing the phrase, brands and buyers alike adopt an antique sensibility in the watch industry. Ludicrous sizes and baroque design characteristics defined watchmaking in the aughts. The pendulum, however, inevitably swings back.

The neo-vintage watches that include historic creative accents are like an oasis in the middle of the desert, especially when art and fashion are pursuing metaverse advancements. We have covered our best five below if you are into these kinds of watches.

Breguet Hora Mundi 5717

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This Classique “Hora Mundi” wristwatch comes in a platinum case that is 43mm in diameter. Inside the case, there is a self-winding movement with 55 hours of power reserve. This watch comes with some best functions; instant-jump time-zone display with synchronised date and day/night indication and city.

The gold dial depicts the American continent, hand-engraved on a rose engine with a “wave” motif coated with translucent lacquer.

Jaeger Le-Coultre Reverso Classic Monoface

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Featuring the manually wound Jaeger-LeCoultre Caliber 822A/2, the Reverso Classic Medium Thin in stainless steel invites you to inscribe a part of your story on the customisable reverse of its dial. A first name, motive, birthday, and initials a detail that renders it inseparable.

Like its black alligator strap, the timepiece becomes connected to the one who wears it on their wrist. Choosing a Reverso watch is never a trivial decision. It is a desire to show yourself for who you are.

Cartier Tank Must Watch

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Whilst staying faithful to the historical model, the new model of Cartier Tank Must introduce several design updates, including rounded brancards, revisited dial proportions, and steel straps with curved links that have been entirely redesigned to be interchangeable. Cartier Tank Must watch large model comes in a 33,7 mm x 25,5 mm case dimension powered by a high autonomy quartz movement.

Piaget Limelight Gala

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The Limelight Gala watch in rose gold with diamonds, elongated cambered lugs, and the self-winding 501P movement. Black and gold are the ultimate combinations for unrivalled glamour that transports you to the glamour of the 1960s with its fluid lines and voluptuous curves.

Highlighted with a progressive row of diamonds, the elongated lugs in rose gold wrap sensually around the dial of this Swiss self-winding watch. It is a stylisation of the spiral of time with its radiant, spirited, and seductive allure. Embodying the lively spirit of the 60s, this Limelight Gala luxury watch contrasts the light of the diamonds and rose gold bezel with a black alligator strap for a touch of drama.

Chopard L’heure Du Diamant

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L’Heure du Diamant is a collection harbouring a peerless wealth of expertise and jewellery mastery. Each watch of the L’Heure du diamant collection features a dial specially carved from a mesmerising precious material: Mother-of-pearl and hard stones, fine Guilloché and painted ornament; all these materials and techniques are declined in a perfect, well balanced execution.

This watch is powered by a hand-wound mechanical movement with 30 hours of power reserve.