The Breguet Tradition Fusée Tourbillon is a watch that has a mechanical look. In fact, it looks like a device from an alternative steampunk universe rather than a beautiful Vallée de Joux timepiece. The Tradition Fusée Tourbillon pays homage to some of the most intriguing creations in the history of watchmaking.

The Breguet Tradition Fusée Tourbillon features 41 mm in diameter case and 15.95 mm thick. It has Breguet’s characteristic coin-edge case center, narrow bezel, and straight lugs, all of which are hallmarks of a Breguet wristwatch. But the case’s enormous box-shaped sapphire crystal makes it truly unique; what seems to be an upside-down aquarium transforms the case into the most panoramic of displays.

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Breguet Tradition Fusée Tourbillon

The main idea of the Tradition Fusée Tourbillon dial is to show off the tourbillon and the fusée and chain mechanisms in the best possible layout. The time is shown on a tiny, black-coated solid gold dial (nearly a sub-dial) and comes with a hand-guilloche with the brand’s favorite clous de Paris pattern. Steel is utilized to create the characteristic Breguet open-tipped hands that mark the hours and minutes for maximum contrast and readability.

This watch is powered by Calibre 569, with 43 jewels and a whopping 542 parts with 50 hours of power reserve. The Calibre 569 is particularly remarkable since it has two formerly essential movements for maintaining the accuracy of clocks and pocket watches.

The fusée and chain, which was primarily employed in maritime chronometers, is one of them, and the other one is the large, rugged tourbillon at 1 o’clock. Meanwhile, on the finishing side, the tourbillon bridge is brushed on the upper surface, and untreated, the bridges and plates are sandblasted. In the meantime, the bridges’ edges have all been carefully beveled and polished to a lustrous shine.

Breguet Tradition Fusée Tourbillon

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The Breguet Tradition Fusée Tourbillon is a technical marvel with a flashy character. Even if you don’t like the exposed design, it’ll not be easy to look away and not be impressed. The Tradition Fusée Tourbillon, whether you call it a modern vintage or a classic contemporary, is all about making two complicated precision-enhancing mechanisms as sexy as possible.

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