To mark the date of the creation of the Tourbillon by Abraham-Louis Breguet, the brand unveils its latest model from the Tradition collection: a timepiece featuring strong colors highlighting what has remained one of the most fascinating horological complications of all time.

The Tradition 7047 Fusée-Chain Tourbillon model continues to be a veritable feast for horological fans, with a ton of intricacy to unravel. And now, in a nod to the recently released blue Quantième Rétrograde 7597, the Breguet Tradition 7047 Fusée-Chain Tourbillon is returning in a modern rendition merging platinum and blue tones.

This magnificent 41mm Breguet Tradition 7047 watch features all the brand’s distinguishing design elements. The case, which is, in this instance, made of platinum, is completely polished and has the customary fluted casebands and soldered lugs with screw-pins. An ultra-domed sapphire crystal, which is almost like a bubble glass, sits atop the watch and serves as a display window for the movement.

The dial and movement design of the Breguet Tradition 7047 are what make it so beautiful. As said, since this watch merely tells the time, its signals are rather basic. But don’t be deceived by this seemingly simplistic approach to watchmaking; the mechanism that moves the hands is actually very complicated.

A three-element structure consisting of a barrel at 9 o’clock, an enormous tourbillon at 2 o’clock, and a fusée and chain transmission at 4 o’clock is hidden behind the new blue-colored solid gold guilloche dial with the vintage Breguet moon hands in silver.

The chain that wraps around the fusée has also been heat-blued. The large tourbillon cage is also blue-treated. This new color palette gives this watch a hefty dose of boldness while also making it technical, contemporary, and historically relevant. The watch is worn on a blue alligator strap with a triple-blade platinum folding clasp to complete the design.

At the heart of its 41 mm platinum case beats Calibre 569, a rhodium-plated hand-wound  movement housing 542 components. It is equipped with an inverted in-line lever escapement  featuring horns made of silicon, as is the Breguet balance-spring.

This material has many properties, since in addition to being resistant to corrosion and wear, it is insensitive to the influence of magnetic fields and improves the chronometry (timekeeping precision) of the timepiece. Finally, the balance of the Tradition Tourbillon 7047 oscillates at a frequency of 2.5 Hz and has a 50-hour power reserve.