This year, GMT watches are very popular. Everyone wants it. Watchmakers are flocking to create modern and sophisticated GMT models in 2022. Why? Is it a trend? No, GMT is popular for several good reasons.

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    Very Useful for Travelling

    This is the most obvious reason, and this is the main function of a GMT watch. The idea is that the main hour hand shows the time where you are (local time), and the GMT 24-hour hand (often with a red arrow shape) shows the time where you are from (home time). If you travel a lot, this is the perfect watch for you.

    Tracking a second time zone isn’t just for traveling

    GMT watches are great for everyday wear, even when you’re not on the move. GMT is also relevant for modern people who need to stay connected with everyone around the world.

    For those of you doing business with people on other continents, the feature allows you to easily adjust the 24 hour hand. Using the GMT hand to show your local time in the 24-hour format can be useful for some people who may forget whether it’s day or night when contacting business partners in different time zones.

    It’s an affordable watch complication.

    Functions beyond the basic timekeeping of a mechanical watch are called complications. Complications not only make watches more attractive; they are also more expensive because of the complexity they add to the mechanical movement.

    Watches that come with complications are often out of the budget for some watch enthusiasts. For example, popular chronograph watches often cost about twice as much as a basic watch. However, most GMT watches are still reasonably priced, perhaps because it’s not that difficult to incorporate this feature into a mechanical movement.

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